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Brief History of Unity In Christ Ministry


God Spoke to Pastor Victor after he received Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior in 2005. He saw a vision in 2006 of a burning cross. After touching it whole flame transferred into his body. A blind and crippled girl came to him, he touched her, and she was instantly healed. He saw another vision in which he saw a very bright light and the word’s of an opened book came down from an opened heaven upon him. During a time of ministry he saw one more vision. In it he was given wings like an angel and he flew from one place to another. He landed over a place where people were dying due to polluted water. As soon as he touched the river, the river turned to pure water. People were amazed and filled with joy to have witnessed this miracle. Then he flew to another place where there was a very huge tree and one of the branches of the tree was about to fall down. Everyone in this area was worried and looking towards the branch of the tree. There were some Muslims also present in this vision. Next he flew up, took the branch and threw it away from the community leaving a sense of safety amongst the residents. The village knew God had rescued them. One day while reading 1Corinthians 1&12 Pastor Victor felt that God had given him the name “Unity In Christ” for this new ministry he was being led into. He started that ministry in 2007. He received admissions into St. Thomas Theological College Karachi in 2009 and graduated with a Master of Divinity in 2012.

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