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International Projects: Borehole drilling

I want to start a new project in Kenya in order to improve the quality of life in many areas around the country.


There are many villages around Kenya with poor access to clean water. Seasonal droughts are making the problems obvious in terms of farming, crops production and having safe drinking water. Some villages are extremely water scarce areas. Many women and children travel for over 10 km to get water and even those sources are not clean. This causes diarrhea, typhoid and other problems for the consumers of such water.


I want to provide clean drinking water in different areas for locals suffering from drought. I have good connections with Churches and people around Kenya. In order to help villages we need borehole drilling equipment and can provide them to be shipped and used in areas of need. Part of the work could be funded by drilling commercially and raising funds to drill without charges for those in serious need. Our goal is to begin with the equipment using the connections we already have to reach local people. We raise money from sponsors, business angels and investors for our first borehole drills. The price for one drill is around 35-60 000 USD in the second hand market in Europe/USA. Expenses for shipping and transport+local use of trucks is 15 000 USD. We want to collect 60 000 USD to get the project started. All expenses will be used for the sustainability of this project and all profit in the years to come will be used for Christian missionary work. All book keeping will be transparent and available for all the investors in this project. Videos in all stages of the project will be made to show what kind of development is being produced.


Passion for the mission comes from the vision to help people locally everywhere. Improving infrastructure begins from the basics. Access to clean drinking water that can also be used for livestock, farming and saving crops from drought seasons. This is going to improve the employment rate and secure many local people regular income for years ahead. There will be an elected committee to oversee local work at all times. We will be communicating with the locals and leading the project personally. I travel to Kenya and other parts of Africa yearly. After two years, I am going to make an overall evaluation of the project involving all relevant actors. The goal is to expand this work in the future around Kenya and other African countries.

You can invest in this project by your initial gift. We are looking for investors who can give substantial amounts to make this possible. Let us know when you are willing to invest and give for this greater purpose. Think of this as an investment in the Kingdom of God. The benefits are much higher than any stock market can ever provide: 30, 60 or even 100 times more than invested!
According to Matthew 13:8 the sower of seeds (the one who is investing) receives from the good ground: “But others fell on good ground and yielded a crop: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”
This project is “good ground”!

We appreciate your gift and support for this mission.

Victor Sirdar
Unity in Christ Ministries

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